Enclosure Cabinet Cooler Service

As you know, enclosure cabinet coolers work non-stop in extremely dusty and hot environments. This causes all kinds of dust and dirt and is exposed to constantly. If you send us defective or in need of care enclosure cabinet coolers then failures replace with original spare parts and are delivered on time. First, the company is informed about failure and then necessary repairs are made on the device after approval of the company. Maximum period of service is 2 working days.



Low Cost - Fast Return: Foreign manufactured products have spare parts cost and a long-term process. Because many brands use a few differences in the physical components to be dependent on them for problems about fans, compressors, etc. And these components are not available in the market. Uludag Klima uses world-standard parts on devices and exactly the same values of the components that products will perform the revision. You can find spare parts in all around the world easily. In this way, both faster and more economical solutions.

Guaranteed Service: All services are are guaranteed delivery. Does not ask for any fee in case of repeating the problem.

Company approval: When your products are sent to our company for the service, you will have knowledge in advance about problems and costs. Action is not done without your approval. In this way, you will have knowledge in advance on issues such as cost and product problem. And, this knowledge does not cause time loss. When the products reach to us, the service costs send to you in the report.

Quality Service: Uludag klima has provided manufacturing and services for enclosure cabinet coolers since 1998. Our company works on all about air conditioning and is the expert knowledge company of Turkey on this subject. As the first company with it's products in Turkey, repair and maintenance of all transactions carried out with the thoroughness of the new production


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